Kakiloc is a Location-Based Social Networking Service ‹

› Discover where your friends are and what they do

› Follow them on Google Maps

› Send messages to them by SMS or Email

› Be notified when they physically reach a specific place

› Create reminder for yourself when you are near a specific area

› And even Find new friends that are visiting the same spots as you.

Kakiloc is officially defunct; this notice was sent out on 11/30/2007:

Alain Lavoie and I (Martin Dufort) started the service as an experiment in mapping your physical location while on the move in December 2005. We quickly recognize the need to deal and put extra emphasis on supporting mobile technologies because we knew this was the direction the industry was going into. Now look at all the initiatives out there : Google Android, Nokia’s new handsets, SkyHook Wireless, etc etc

Of course we were distracted by the attention needed for our other businesses, which were really needed to support us. Thanks to the success of Kolaborate, the portal for age management medicine and andropause treatments suddenly taking off, we were able to land on our feet. I just want to digress a bit about age management medicine. If you are a male and heading into your 50′s , 60′s, or even 70′s and are finding that not only are the symptoms of aging become a kink in your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, but also being told it just part of the aging process, don’t buy it. You can maintain or regain optimal health and delaying the onset of signs and symptoms associated with aging. Loss of libido, loss of strength and cardiovascular conditioning, an increase in abdominal fat, and slower brain function are all addressed with age management medicine. It ia really something you should look into.

But during all this time, we really wanted Kakiloc to at least migrate to a useful state.

So we work for 2 years (full-time and part-time) refining the service and adding functionalities to both the web site and the mobile applications we were supporting. But in the end, the fierce competition within the social networking space and the service’s generic nature prevented us from actually gaining a sustainable user base. On November 6 th , I decided to close down the service. Now the servers are actually off-line. I would like to thank all our members for registering and helping out and providing feedback about the service. But a big thanks goes out to Alain for sticking with me and my crazy ideas and trying to push this further. Your partnership was invaluable. Thanks a lot.

The Kakiloc core technology is still alive and is being evaluated for inclusion in a new service but nothing concrete yet.”
You can attempt to experiment with the graphic design elements noted here. Customization seems to be coming along and soon more and impressive technology will be available.