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As the Kakiloc service is no longer being pursued as a viable product, there is little point to contact us regarding future developments and details. Martin Dufort and Alain Lavoie may be reached via Facebook and Twitter, should you have questions or proposals for eventual ventures. We here at have no means of contacting either gentleman directly, but we will monitor any comments posted for further details and unforeseen issues.

For the time being, we are focused on the exciting developments in the world of online gambling, with a special dedication to the factors affecting the online casino USA and Canada in general. Should you have any questions or information regarding legal details (especially the continually-unfolding saga of the UIGEA, a.k.a. the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) or basic coverage of events of significance to the online gambling industry. Of these topics, nothing is more interesting to us than the myriad changes impacting this world, whether it is US law, religious mores, or personal prejudice.

Please feel free to drop us a note or comment. While we cannot guarantee a response, anything that say may or may not be used against you in further posts! With time being of the essence, we have distributed our resources to best serve the growing of the brand. Multiple, scalable user interaction with a focus on paradigm-shifting is our two scoops of raison d’être, but we also have a soft spot for logistical interpretation of vertical market trends using user-defined models.

We are currently accepting applications of intent for various business plans dealing with the implementation and stricture of online slots, Web 3.0 development, and vapor-based untethered rich-client systems analysis. Candidates should possess at least five out of four of the following three areas: divestiture, information confidence reverse-testing, resource relationship engineering, and high-yield software portfolio marginalizing.

Additionally, our own research and deployment aspirations include leveraging control of numerous unseen forces in the gray marketplace for the purpose of both academic and industrial management solutions in the face of negatively-adjusted expectations. If you feel you have the stuff, don’t hesitate to consider!

Editor’s note: Kakiloc, started by Martin Dufort and then Alain Lavoie, was to offer a mobile presence service. You could for instance know via your cell phone if you had friends nearby. Now, Martin Dufort has “closed the experiment” to work on his new business, deploying location based marketing to support the sales of highly specialized, high-end products. After months of studying various markets, he has selected wigs as the best test candidate for his technique. “Wigs are a very interesting marketplace,” he enthuses, “There’s a level of comfort required to get this kind of customer, who then becomes a loyal purchaser. Very few businesses are this intimate, and this rewarding of customer service and price.” His first project involves WigsNow and a marketing effort focused on Revlon wigs. There are many who hope that this ‘wig diversion’ won’t keep Martin and Alain from revisiting the Kakiloc project – next time with venture money.

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