By using the Kakiloc service (the “Service”), a service of 6612849 Canada Corp (“Kakiloc”), you accept the following privacy statement (the “Privacy”). The of Terms Service included software and services defined as, the Kakiloc Web Site (, the Kakiloc mobile software that can be downloaded to your mobile phone or a pre-installed by the wireless operator or phone manufacturer. Kakiloc is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement describes what information is collected by Kakiloc and how this information is received and shared. Upon registration with the Service, a number of personal information is collected that can identify you: name, email, phone number, city, country. This information is stored with the Kakiloc database and use to enable the execution of the Service. It is never shared or publish outside the realm of the execution of the Service.


Such privacy policy pages are very common these days for sites that collect personal information How many of us actually read these policies? I think sites such as which is considered by Google as a “money or your life” site, are particularly careful with the wording of their policy since their platform has the ability to collect three types of information from and about you: (i) personally identifiable information; (ii) non-personally identifiable information; and (iii) identifiable health information, which they define lower on their policy page. LifeBac helps people take control of their alcohol usage via the use of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy that can be delivered online anywhere with technology to support.

Thus their in bold admonition: IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE BELOW POLICY, PLEASE DO NOT USE OR ACCESS THE PLATFORM FOR ANY PURPOSE makes it very clear that if giving out such personal information is not acceptable, you will not be able to join their program. And that is the way it should be.


On the other hand, the personal information Kakiloc collects is a different type, but still requires that there be a privacy policy page .

How we collect and use your personal information
•    Kakiloc collects a number of personal information item when you register for the service. Also, each time you are specifying you location and the associated information this is also collected and associated to your account.

•    In order to leverage the Kakiloc Mobile software, or our text messaging capability, you will have to provide us with your mobile phone number. We will ensure that the phone number provided is yours be sending an SMS verification code to it that you supply back to us.

•    The Service automatically receives information submitted by your browser like: your IP address, the page you are accessing, the associated cookie.

•    When using the Kakiloc live reporting mechanism, we are collecting information obtained from your GPS receiver (latitude / longitude) and also information about your mobile operation, the cell information, the city and country of the mobile provider.

•    Kakiloc uses information for displaying targeted advertisements on both the Web site and the mobile device
How we share your personal information

•    Setting your location, will mark it as visible to the members of your contact list unless the location is marked as private. All associated information (mood of day, place name) will also be visible the members of you contact list.

•    If you elect to perform live location reporting, Kakiloc will compute information about your current speed and maximum speed. This information will be available to the members of your contact list.

•    Notification can be created by any members of you contact list, these notification, when triggered, will disclose your location to the requesting member if your location is within the notification area.

•    If you login into the Kakiloc Instant Messaging server, your status will be automatically updated to show your last set location along with the time it was set at. Members of your contact list will be able to view that information.

•    It may be necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities on or through the Service or the Software, including but not limited to violations of the Terms of Use or infringement of third party intellectual property rights, or as otherwise permitted or required by applicable laws;

•    Kakiloc may share aggregated data-mined, demographic information with any or all of its partners. However that information does not disclose any of your personal information or any information that could potential identify you without having obtained your consent first.

Use of cookies
Kakiloc uses cookies in collaboration with the Service and/or the Software. You can set your browser to notify you when those cookies are created however if you elect not to receive any then you will not be able to use the Service and log into it.

Questions / Comments
If you have questions about this Privacy statement, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

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