Terms of Service


By using the Kakiloc service (the “Service”), a service of 6612849 Canada Corp (“Kakiloc”), you accept the following terms and conditions (the “Terms of Service”). The Terms of Service included software and services defined as, the Kakiloc Web Site (www.kakiloc.com), the Kakiloc mobile software that can be downloaded to your mobile phone or a pre-installed by the wireless operator or phone manufacturer. You should also be aware of our Privacy Statement located on the Kakiloc web site. Please refer to the privacy statement as it the service is also governed by it.

Service and the Software

The Kakiloc service allows you the ability to associate your geographical location with your network contact list in order to better manage communication with those acontacts and also discover new contacts within your proximity. You can :

•    Create and maintain a list of Kakiloc members with which you want to share you geographical position and any other information related to it

•    Send your location information using your web browser, your mobile phone or any other mechanism made available to you by the Kakiloc service.

•    Configure Kakiloc to send notifications when you reach a certain location or when member(s) of you contact list reach a certain location.

•    Directly send various types of messages to your contact list.

•    Use the Instant Messaging service to communication with member(s) of you contact list.

•    Browse geographical location and associated information created the members of your contact list.

Future versions of Kakiloc could leverage various mechanism to facilitate or mask the discovery of your physical location, these mechanisms, when introduced within Kakiloc, will be announced and described fully in an updated revision of this document and on the Kakiloc web site as well. You should be aware that Kakiloc will present the following information to your list of accepted contacts.

•    Your last location set by you with any associated information you provided.

•    The latitude / longitude of your location as defined by you.

•    The complete trip information mapped on a world map if you elected to use the live reporting mechanism of Kakiloc

• Add lists of important to-dos ie: doctors appts, going to the gym etc, calling your Texas truck accident injury attorney. I mention calling truck accident lawyers since I was able to make use of Kakiloc when one of my children was involved in a serious accident with a semi truck just outside of Houston. We had been following her on a google map as she traveled across the country. When she didn’t arrive at a specific overnight point we were able to contact the local police and found out about the accident. The truck accident lawyer was able to use information from Kakiloc to help with her case!

•    A new potential contact information based on proximity and the contact list you currently are assigned to.

•    Your presence within the Kakiloc Instant Messaging server.

•    Your location, as a status item, in the Kakiloc Instant Messaging server

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